Local Contributions

Sharing Memories of Windsor Locks:


Melvin D. Montemerlo, son of the late Leo and Lena Montemerlo of Windsor Locks, has published Windsor Locks History, available here for free download in 3 parts.  Enjoy this wonderful walk through Windsor Locks history, courtesy of the author! 
(Adobe Acrobat is required to view these files)

Windsor Locks History: Part 1 (Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, Introduction, Chapters 1-14)

Windsor Locks History: Part 2  (Chapters 15-30)

Windsor Locks History: Part 3  (Chapters 31-38, About the Author)



Mel has also contributed the following articles:


 Library volunteer Helen Bursztyn saved some memorabilia from the dedication of the new library building on June 9, 1990.